Learning Ghost CMS

I’ll be transitioning my online portfolio to a new CMS in 2019. WordPress has been the CMS of choice for many of my projects but I feel it’s time to learn a new system, particularly, to learn how to work with JavaScript on the server (via NodeJS and other frameworks). This also means I will be moving my hosting account from my current provider to Amazon Web Services.

To start, I’ve setup a development site on an AWS EC2 Linux instance, and I’ll be blogging my progress there as well. Eventually that blog will either be archived or continued as a hub for posts on web development, but I haven’t decided on the long-term plans.

Eventually my goal is to use KeystoneJS as the core CMS for my entire portfolio as well as using it for other experimental ideas I want to try out, but for now I’m going to learn how to work with the Ghost CMS as a means to learn the deployment process for a NodeJS based CMS, as well to get back to blogging productively.

I’ll be publishing my progress on the site.