UmpBump 3.0 redesign - In-you-face baseball commentary. Est. 2006.Baseball blog I started with my former colleague and friend Coley Ward in April of 2006.

Project developed using a self-hosted WordPress installation.

Original design.

Project date: April, 2010

Project Notes: This was my first-ever WordPress installation back in the 2.0 days. The header for the blog was originally designed by our friend and also former colleague Katie Daniels (neé Kaiser).

Feeling bold I created a new version of the log using a sans-serif type and a collection of glyphs. The ump and manager are the only thing carried over from the first version of the logo and are actually not real people.

Katie used her wizardry to create two faces from a collection of about a dozen real-life managers and umps bumping each other.

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